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Cover by Melissa Capriglione 

SE_BB Vol.1See where the adventure began as Skye Emery seeks to discover the many mysteries of her past while attempting to expose a deadly conspiracy that’s targeted her for equally-mysterious reasons.


Volume 2 of Skye Emery: Bluebird, featuring the continuing adventures of the Bluebird, Toronto’s newest superhero, as she and her friends Finch “Finn” Finwick, Ava Avila, and Leo Stein attempt to fight against a dangerous cross-border plot that may hold secrets tied to the long-thought-to-be-dead Project Singularity.

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A series of self-contained stories starring The Bluebird as she continues her neverending battle to protect Toronto from the forces of evil.


The repository for one-shots, character bios, timelines, maps, and other miscellanea relating to the world of Skye Emery: Bluebird.

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