Volume 2: Blue Skye Rising

For Skye Emery, a hero’s work is never done. Now fighting to keep Toronto safe from evil as the Bluebird, she now faces a new frontier after topping SDI and its Project Singularity super-soldier program. This time, the adventure takes our superpowered heroine beyond borders as an insidious conspiracy sets its eyes in continuing SDI’s work in bringing Project Singularity back for their own purposes. Led by American industrialist Jackie Quincannon, the shadow group only known as “The Conglomerate” will stop at nothing until all its mysterious goals are achieved.

Luckily, Skye has her ever-loyal adopted sister Ava Avila by her side. Born with the power to control a near-limitless supply of energy, Ava is learning to get her feet wet while aiding Skye in her fight against new enemies.

Meanwhile, Finch Finwick, Skye’s best friend and ally, has things to deal with on his own as he prepares to marry his hockey-playing boyfriend Stephen O’Day. With the next big step of his life awaiting him, will Finn still have time to juggle both being with his one true love and helping the Bluebird fight crime?

BSR Prelude Cover

P1. Nos Somas Una Familia
In this special prelude to Blue Skye Rising, a day of baking and groceries offers a chance for Skye and Ava to grow closer as sisters.

P2. Dating Night in Canada
In this second prelude to Blue Skye Rising, find out what happened on Finn’s date with Stephen O’Day after taking down SDI.

P3. Credibility Gap
When a neo-Nazi terrorist group uses an evil Bluebird doppelganger to terrorize the city of Toronto by spreading its hateful rhetoric, it’s up to the real Bluebird and her allies to stop these goose-stepping goons before it’s too late.

P4. Flight of the Bluebird
Skye rekindles a past love she shared with Zaida Khan over coffee. The two soon discover that true love is something that endures the test of time and transcends cultures.

BSR Vol. 1 Cover

1. Politics for Fun & Profit
Now a fully-minted superhero fighting to defend Toronto, Skye Emery — aka The Bluebird — and her friends must expose a deadly terror plot that threatens the Victoria Day long weekend, while Finn begins to prepare for his wedding with Stephen O’Day.

2. Diplomatic Immunity 
Even as her powers are mysteriously weakening, the Bluebird sets out to find the elusive Dane Carter, who may hold the answers to a shadow group known as The Conglomerate. Plus, what is Project Safeguard and what does it have to do with The Conglomerate’s schemes?

3. The Pink Sparrow
The Bluebird encounters superpowered beings created by the Conglomerate as Ava embraces a new heroic identity. Dane Carter investigates an armored hero calling himself “The Patriot” and finds more than he bargained for. 


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